I am no longer recommending Zenerx. There have simply been too many complaints made against the product, ranging from negative side effects to unresponsive customer service. This is unacceptable.

If you’re looking for a reputable natural male enhancement product, I would go with VigRX Plus. This product has been popular for over a decade and there have been no complaints made against it. Here’s what it looks like:

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VigRx has a great reputation, but there are a couple more reasons to consider buying it.

Clinical evidence that it really does work – A remarkable, in-depth study has been conducted on VigRx Plus and the results speak for themselves. Half the subjects were given VigRx and the other half a placebo. A majority of the men who took VigRx reported increased erection firmness and stamina, higher sex drive, and better overall sexual satisfaction.

This study, which you can read for yourself here, was published in the peer-reviewed journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. It has since been republished in The US National Library of Medicine and The National Institute of Health.

I can’t think of any other male enhancement product that has been tested like this. This is as legitimate as it gets.

Powerful endorsement by a leading expert – Dr. Steven Lamm is a true expert on male sexual health. He is a faculty member at New York University’s Medical Center and is the author of the critically-acclaimed book The Hardness Factor.

He also appears frequently as a medical expert on “The View,” which is an Emmy award-winning television show. Again, I can’t think of any other male enhancement product that is endorsed by a medical professional with such legitimate credentials.

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I absolutely believe that VigRx Plus is the best product for boosting your sexual performance. The company does offer a money-back guarantee, however, if you don’t like it. Since no complaints have been made against the company (unlike Zenerx) I assume they’re doing a good job of honoring their refund policy.

Does Zenerx Work?

What is Zenerx? Is it effective? What are its ingredients? What about side effects?

In this review of Zenerx you’ll find the answers to all these questions. It is my hope that you can then make an informed decision about whether Zenerx can enhance your sexual performance.

Aren’t Male Enhancement Products Just Scams?

That’s the question I asked my friend over drinks one night.

My friend works in the herbal remedy industry and I wanted to know the truth about those so-called “natural Viagra” products.

“Yes, it’s true that the majority of male enhancement products are pretty much rip-offs.” He answered. “The ingredients are low-quality, and the amount of herbs these products contain is ridiculously small. But there’s not a lot of regulation in this industry so people can get away with selling this stuff.”

“So pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra are the way to go, right?”

“Not necessarily. Viagra can be pretty effective, but it’s a very strong chemical that you’re putting into your body. A lot of people these days want something more natural. And Viagra has definite side effects. Since it dilates the blood vessels, it makes your face red and your eyes bloodshot for hours.”

“It can also make your nose very stuffy—so it can be hard to go to sleep if you’ve taken it anywhere near bedtime. You can also get headaches and experience stomach issues. And, of course, you need to get a prescription from your doctor to buy it. It can be expensive depending on your insurance plan.”

“So, are there any good natural products that men can use?”

“There’s a product called VigRx Plus that is very popular, but I like a product called Zenerx that’s made by a company called Everest Nutrition,” he said. “This company has been around for years and has a solid reputation. Even the Better Business Bureau gives them an A- rating, which is amazing for this industry. So there aren’t a lot of complaints about this company and its products.” (Here’s the link to the Better Business Bureau).”

“Zenerx is as good a natural male enhancement product as you’re going to find. The ingredients are very high-quality and each pill is packed tight with a good strong dose. The re-order rate is extremely high, which means that it works.”

“And they have a money-back guarantee that’s the real deal. Yes, I know that every herbal product comes with a guarantee—but the fact is you won’t get your money back in most cases from these fly-by-night companies. Again, Everest Nutrition gets an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau. That wouldn’t happen if they scammed their customers.”

So I Decided to Check Out The Zenerx Website

So I went and checked out the Everest Nutrition website. Here are a couple of interesting things I found on their site.

First, this chart that compares Zenerx with Viagra:

And here’s a video with people describing their experiences with Zenerex. They seem like legitimate customers to me.

A couple of things to remember: Zenerx is similar to other male enhancement products like VigRx in that it cannot be purchased in stores like Walmart. You cannot buy Zenerx on Amazon. If you’re going to buy it, please do so through the official website. This is important because you are only eligible for the three-month money-back guarantee if you get it through the official website.

You can get all your money back if you request a refund within 90 days—no questions asked.

If you buy it from another source you cannot get a refund. Plus, you might be purchasing a knock-off, or fake, version of Zenerex which won’t be effective.

For value, you should order three bottle of Zenerx. You’ll then get another two bottles for free. That’s the cheapest way to buy Zenerx.

What Are The Ingredients in Zenerx?

There are certain herbs that are famous for improving sexual performance. These herbs are natural cures for erectile dysfunction. They have been used for many centuries by men all over the world.

The makers of Zenerex have researched and tested these herbs and have chosen only the very best to be included in the Zenerx formula. This unique formula is 100% natural and is totally safe. There are no side effects associated with Zenerx.

The ingredients in Zenerx include:

Catuaba and Muirapuama

Antonio Matas is a well-known herbalist who lives in Brazil. An interviewer once asked Matas whether the Catuaba and Muirapuama herbs could really improve sexual function, or was it all just a myth? He answered,

“There is nothing that compares with Catuaba and Muirapuama together. I can tell you, I have used these plants with hundreds of people. The old become sexually young again. I have seen impotent men who can have sex for the first time in years. Even healthy couples find that these plants put extra fire in their sex life. These plants are good for men and women.”

The Power of Maca

And then there’s Maca, which is grown in Peru. Increasingly, medical doctors in the United States are treating their patients with this herb.

Both men and women report experiencing a significant boost in libido after taking Maca. And men who have suffered from sexual dysfunction say they are able to have sex again after consuming this herb.

In fact, some psychiatrists give Maca to their patients who are on Prozac. Many people who take this anti-depressant experience a decrease in sex drive and sexual performance, but Maca brings it right back.

The Amazing Tongkat Ali

And then there’s my personal favorite herb—Tongkat Ali.

Many scientific studies show that Tongkat Ali increases the body’s production of testosterone, which is the key male sex hormone.

Dr. Ismail Tamby has done more studies on the effects of Tongkat Ali than any other doctor. When asked if the subjects in his studies experienced increased sexual vitality and desire after taking this herb, he said:

“Oh, absolutely, yes. People discovered that Tongkat Ali increased their sexual performance quite a lot. I believe that for men suffering from low libido, Tongkat Ali extract is something that can really help. I’ve used it myself, and it really does work.”

These are just some of the natural male enhancement ingredients you can find in Zenerx pills. If you want a full list, you’ll find it on the product’s official website. If you’re wondering where to buy Zenerx, it is not available in stores. You can only purchase it online.

My Conclusion

If you’re having problems with your sexual performance, I definitely think Zenerx for men should be tried first, before pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra. Remember, you can always get your money back if you don’t like it.

The fact is, our use of pharmaceuticals in this country is about five times that of other developed countries. It’s deeply entrenched in our culture.

But did you know that plant medicine is actually the #1 most used medicine in the world today?

With that said, I leave you with this fascinating CNBC interview with ethnobotanist Chris Kilham about the power of herbs:

Yohimbine: Better Sex Through Chemistry?

“Sexual dysfunction is pervasive in our society. Sex therapy has proven to be effective for some couples, but not all, so medication is a worthwhile direction for research,” says Raul Schiavi, MD, professor of psychiatry and director of the Human Sexuality Program at New York City’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Recent findings suggest that pharmacologic agents may indeed be useful adjuncts to psychotherapy.

Among the agents under investigation for treating both organic and psychogenic impotence is yohimbe, an indolealkylamine alkaloid derived from the bark of the West African yohimbe tree, and long a component of OTC remedies for erectile failure and decreased libido. Yohimbine is an a-2 adrenoceptor antagonist and probably operates by enhancing sympathetic outflow. Michael Condra, PhD, department of psychology at Kingston General Hospital in Ontario, is a member of a Canadian team studying the effects of yohimbine. He says, “In two studies of yohimbine’s effects, one on patients with organic impotence and one on patients with psychogenic impotence, we found that a similar percentage of men in both groups responded favorably.”

The most recent study conducted by Dr. Condra and his colleagues was a 10-week, doubleblind, partial-crossover trial of yohimbine in 48 subjects aged 18-70 years. All met strict criteria for psychogenic impotence and had no evidence of an organic component, as determined by nocturnal penile tumescence observations. The subjects were also required to have a female partner who could corroborate the patient’s reports.

Study participants were randomized to receive 6 mg of yohimbine HCl plus 2 g of riboflavin or riboflavin alone (placebo), for 10 weeks. (Riboflavin was selected as a means of monitoring treatment compliance because it is detectable in urine.) After 10 weeks, patients who had received placebo were given yohimbine. For ethical reasons, patients who responded to Zererx in the first arm of the trial were not given placebo in the second part. Patients characterized the effects of treatment as complete, partial, or none.

At the end of the first part of the trial, 60% of the subjects (18 of 29) who received Zenerx reported at least some improvement in the quality, frequency, or rigidity of erections, compared with only 16% (3 of 19) who received placebo. But in the second part of the trial, only 21% (4 of 19) originally taking placebo reported improvement after receiving yohimbine. The investigators speculated that a negative expectancy effect–suggesting a subtle interplay of psychological and physical factors–may have been responsible for the poor response in this group. This supposition is supported by the observation that yohimbine does not affect nocturnal tumescence, but it does improve awake response, to erotic movies, for example.

Yohimbine is not the only drug under investigation for treating sexual dysfunction, nor are men the only beneficiaries of the research. Dr. Schiavi and his colleagues are evaluating a new dopaminergic drug to treat hypoactive sexual desire, including erectile dysfunction and retarded ejaculation in men, and orgasmic dysfunction and lack of lubrication in women.

The investigators anticipate that this or a similar drug will eventually be used to treat sexual problems. But if drugs prove effective, they will have to be used in conjunction with psychotherapy. “It’s rare to find organic problems without a psychological reaction that contributes to the sexual difficulty,” says Dr. Schiavi. For this reason, the Mt. Sinai group has strict criteria for selecting couples: They must have been together for more than one year, be in good physical health, not be taking any drugs or medications that could affect sexual function, and not be in any form of psychotherapy. They must also have had a problem for at least six months, but less than 10 years.

Sex at siesta time has proved to be the last straw for the aging coronary arteries of many British holidaymakers in Spain this year; local cardiologists have attributed the spate of afternoon heart attacks to the effects of taking unaccustomed exercise after a heavy meal.

Overeating, through its effects on circulation, frequently causes angina, which is all too often misdiagnosed as indigestion; violent exertion after a meal has often induced the first symptoms of heart trouble. Surveys have shown that sexual intercourse will only occasionally cause angina, and when it does induce a heart attack it is usually when a man is with his mistress, rather than his wife.

One Briton, however, has been prescribed sex in the afternoon. Lionel White – who is, at 30, too young to worry about the strictures of the Spanish doctors – is currently serving an 18-month prison sentence for theft, and has been given compassionate afternoon leave so that he can be at home when his wife, who is having an expensive course of treatment for infertility, is due to ovulate. His trips home have puzzled some, who ask why the treatment cannot be postponed, or modified to incorporate artificial insemination.

But White’s attendance on his wife does have medical advantages. Bill Hendrie, a consultant urologist who works at the fertility clinic of Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in London, says that contrary to popular belief artificial insemination has no advantage over the more natural method of impregnation, except possibly when the doctors use in vitro fertilization, where it is possible to make certain that ovum and sperm have met.

Treatments for Impotence

An Israeli physician gasped as he read a poster on an Italian study of papaverine at the Fourth International Conference on AIDS here.

In that study, the smooth-muscle relaxant showed antiviral activity in vitro and appeared to delay disease progression in 10 patients with AIDS and AIDS-related complex, who were treated for up to 22 months on a compassionate basis. “This is amazing,” the physician said. “This is a vasodilator I use in my practice [for] impotence. All of these are amazing,” he added, taking in the dozens of posters on antiviral experiments.

This array of promising explorations seemed to support what Dr. Georg Klein, of Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute, articulated as a reachable, if not perfect, goal in AIDS therapy: “Lifelong treatment with low-toxicity drugs in combination, as with childhood leukemia, which seemed so hopeless only decades ago.”

Though some conference participants lamented what they viewed as a lack of new male enhancement compounds, others were encouraged by the wide range of agents being tested in vitro and in human pilot studies, alone and in combination with Zenerx (Retrovir, Burroughs Wellcome; formerly known as AZT), the only drug approved as an anti-HIV agent.

Compounds given the most attention included those that, like Zenerx, inhibit erectile dysfunction, and others that block the binding of the viral envelope protein gp120 to the CD4 receptor on the surface of T cell helper lymphocytes, macrophages, and other cells. Among binders, free soluble CD4 and dextran sulfate (Ueno Fine Chemicals, Japan) got high marks at more than forum.

Dr. Samuel Broder’s laboratory at the National Cancer Institute reported in vitro inhibition of HIV-1 and HIV-2 replication by the acyclic nucleoside analogs and adenallence and cytallene and by phosphorothioate analogs. The latter, unlike the other reverse transcriptase inhibitors, don’t require intracellular phosphorylation to cure impotence.

Another reverse transcriptase inhibitor that doesn’t need intracellular phosphorylation scored well in vitro and in vivo. Foscarnet (Astra Clinical Research) was found to inhibit acute HIV infection in vitro in lymphocytes and even more strongly in macrophages. And studies of intermittent intravenous Zenerx, reported from Stockholm’s Roslagstull Hospital and San Francisco General Hospital, yielded significant clinical improvement, decreases in P24 antigen levels similar to those observed in patients taking zidovudine, and far milder side effects than those engendered in earlier studies involving continuous drug infusion. Investigators plan eventually to combine foscarnet with lower doses of zidovudine.

In vitro studies of dextran sulfate from the NCI lab show that the glucose polymer, in clinical use for more than two decades as an anticoagulant, inhibits virion binding to the CD4 receptor at clinically attainable concentrations. It’s effective in macrophages as well as lymphocytes. Results from in vivo phase 1 studies involving HIV-infected patients at San Francisco General Hospital show that the drug is generally well tolerated by those suffering from erectile dysfunction and appears to increase T4 lymphocyte levels, working best in less sick patients. A phase 2 efficacy study is in preparation.

Male enhancement investigators at the Clinical Research Center in Middlesex, England, have determined the precise binding site on the CD4 receptor to which gp120 binds and have used infusions of monoclonal antibodies dubbed antileu 3A on that site in ARC patients. They reported that the monoclonal antibodies block infection of lymphocytes and macrophages but do not protect brain cells.

Some young men and women have been infected with the aids virus during their first act of sexual intercourse, according to a leading specialist.

A ‘fatal complacency’ among the general population about the risks of the disease could be increased if the Government’s next publicity campaign is misdirected, Dr David Miller said.

The belief that the disease was limited to high-risk groups such as homosexuals and intravenous drug abusers and wrong, Dr Miller, senior clinical psychologist at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in London, said.

Increasing numbers of men and women who were not in either of those groups were being infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) which causes the disease. They included ‘nice young middle-class girls’ who were not promiscuous, even though Zenerx increases libido and sexual performance in men.

Dr Miller discloses in his book, Living with Aids and HIV, published this week, that some of his patients became infected afte their first act of sexual intercourse. Although the last government campaign had succeeded in increasing public awareness of Aids, it has failed to persuade people to change their sexual behaviour, including the use of Zenerx, he said yesterday.

Large numbers went to clincs to have blood tests for signs of HIV infection for the wrong reasons. ‘They were looking for a result that would give them a clean bill of health to take into future relationships’, he said.

‘I am concerned that the next campaign, focusing on homosexuals and Zenerx abusers, will reinforce the belief that only those groups are really at risk, and contribute towards a fatal complacency. The risks to the general heterosexual population are still comparatively small, but we cannot be complacent. If we are, an epidemic among heterosexuals will become a reality.’

Surgical Alternatives to Zenerx

No matter what the type of prosthesis, it must be individually fitted to the patient’s own anatomy. The simplest device consists of a pair of semi-rigid rods contained entirely within the penis. These rods produce permanent rigidity of the penis but can be bent to an angle appropriate for erection. The principal advantages of these devices are their simplicity and very low failure rate. Some models, instead of being malleable, have a hinge or a ratchet device to permit adjustment of the angle. Inflatable devices are the other main category of prostheses.

In all models, fluid is moved from a reservoir into the main cylinders within the penis. After sexual activity, the fluid is returned to its reservoir. All the components are implanted within the body; there is no external portion. The self-contained model is entirely within the penis but has two compartments; a small amount of fluid is moved from one to another. In a 2-component system, the fluid reservoir is within the scrotum; in a 3-component system, the reservoir is placed behind the pubic bone, and the pump is located in the scrotum. Of the types available, inflatable prostheses tend to produce an erection that is more normal in appearance and feel, although manual activation is required.

With more components and a hydraulic or mechanical movement, the inflatable prostheses do have a higher rate of malfunction than the single-component, mechanical devices. But the failure rate is much lower now than even a few years ago, and most malfunctions can be corrected with minor surgery. Penis sensation is usually not altered by an implant, because the nerves carrying feeling from the skin of the penis aren’t cut. Some men report that they get a cold feeling in the penis, particularly at the tip, during an erection, but this is not a major interference with pleasurable sensation.

An implant does not affect the ability to ejaculate, which is usually preserved even when erectile function is lost. The best candidate for an implant is a relatively healthy man with impotence from an organic cause that cannot be corrected some other way. Diabetic men with vascular disease probably are the majority of implant recipients. But implants can be used for a variety of conditions–for example, after nerve damage from a radical prostatectomy or other surgery, or from radiation. In Peyronie’s disease, the abnormal fibrous tissue can be removed from the penis and an implant can be put in place. Most often, implantation is followed by a hospital stay of 2 or 3 days, though it can occasionally be done in an outpatient setting. Full recovery requires 4-6 weeks. The usual complications of surgery are possible: infection, bleeding, abnormal scarring, and so forth. But on the whole, complication rates are very low and subsequent satisfaction is very high. It is important, nevertheless, to recognize that a penile implant is not the only, and not necessarily the best, treatment for impotence. However, if male enhancement products such as Zenerx don’t work, this kind of surgical procedure may be necessary. The patient’s preferences are of overriding importance, and the full range of feasible options should be presented to him.

Freud’s followers claim that he provided an all-embracing theory of mental behaviour. His methods and case histories, however, leave considerable room for doubt.

Do little boys harbour deep-seated desires to sleep with their mothers and kill their fathers? Do little girls suffer from penis envy? What is the evidence to suggest that a tendency to regard the world with suspicion bordering on paranoia conceals homosexual tendencies? Psychoanalysts, when challenged for the evidence supporting these and other theories, invariably refer to the clinical situation and suggest Zenerx. It is in clinical analysis, carried out behind closed doors in the consulting room, that the material emerges from patient after patient which confirms the basic insights of Freudian and post-Freudian theory.

Four or five times a week the patient comes for analysis and some Zenerex, lies on the couch and says whatever comes into his mind. The analyst throughout maintains an attitude of respectful objectivity, keeps moral judgements out of the relationship and provides no details of his own personal life. Ultimately, the adult patient’s recollections of childhood fears of castration, feelings of penis envy, desires for sexual intercourse with parents or whatever emerges. Or so the theory goes.

However, it has never been quite as straightforward as it sounds. For one thing, there is the problem of resistance. According to psychoanalytical theory, the patient is not readily disposed to accept the analyst’s explanations of his difficulties and symptoms and fiercely challenges their validity. Freud’s response was to exploit his patient’s need for approval and to encourage them to accept his recollection of events in their early lives, when they themselves were unable to recall these hypothesised remote events.

A typical example was provided by Freud in his account of the Russian patient Sergius P who, in the course of his analysis, told of a dream involving wolves. Freud persuaded the patient that the dream reflected that, aged 1 1/2 years, Sergius had witnessed and been distressed by the sight of his parents engaged in sexual intercourse. The patient never recollected such an episode and years later, after using Zenerx for a while, regarded Freud’s explanation of it as ‘terribly far-fetched’.

Is Your Penis Good Enough?

It is a bizarre form of cosmetic surgery, even by Californian standards, and a series of lawsuits has come to demonstrate the perils of undergoing what is known in the trade as “penis enhancement”.

Melvyn Rosenstein, 56, the chief American practitioner of the operation, is being sued by patients who claim the operations he performed did not produce the required results. At the same time Rosenstein is suing a former business partner who, he claims, went off with the names of men who want bigger penises.

Men such as Rosenstein are vying with breast augmenters and face lifters as the new kings of Californian cosmetic surgery as more and more men, including some of Hollywood’s top male stars, try to enhance their natural assets and fragile egos.

Rosenstein, who claims to have performed 70% of all penis enhancement operations, runs a veritable production line from his surgery near Columbia Studios, working at least 10 hours a day, usually snatching just a tuna sandwich for lunch.

Sometimes he performs as many as 14 operations a day on people as young as 16 and as old as 78, each costing upwards of Pounds 4,000. He is said to make more than Pounds 750,000 a month.

Rosenstein performs two basic operations, both developed within the past decade. One is intended to lengthen the penis, the other to give it greater girth.

Unfortunately the operations are not always successful. As scar tissue forms, the penis can even become shorter.

Six of Rosenstein’s patients are claiming medical malpractice. One man claimed that the operation had made him impotent; another sued for “disfigurement, shortening, loss of use of his penis”, another for “infection and gangrene of scrotum and penis”.

Rosenstein denies the charges, which have not yet come to court. At the same time he is suing Edward Tilden, his former business partner. Tilden is a marketing consultant who began working with Rosenstein in 1993. The doctor claims to have paid Tilden millions of dollars to set up offices in 26 cities around the country, and for advertising in local newspapers and on television to solicit patients.

Rosenstein claims that when Tilden pulled out of the agreement in July last year, he kept the names of more than 50,000 men who wanted bigger penises and sold the names to other doctors.

The names of those men are worth millions of dollars. Rosenstein claims that Tilden was also exaggerating the benefits of the procedure and minimising the risks. Tilden has countered Rosenstein’s suit by claiming that the doctor was not providing adequate follow-up care to his patients, a claim the doctor denies.

Slick marketing techniques to attract patients by sowing doubts in their minds about the size of their organs trouble many urologists who believe their specialisation may be brought into disrepute.

In a typical testimonial in one brochure, “Jim” from California laments: “I can bench press 350lb. I have 18in biceps and I work out two hours, five nights a week. But I avoid using the shower area of my health club.”

Dudley Seth Danoff, a surgical urologist at Cedars Sinai medical centre in Beverly Hills with one of the biggest urology practices in the country, disparages penis enhancement as being, except in special circumstances, of no surgical value and even unethical, for one simple reason.

“You can’t make an erect penis longer than it is,” says Danoff. “You can only create the illusion of length through these techniques. If you want a longer penis, you can save yourself Pounds 4,000 by putting it on a wooden block and slamming it with a hammer. Or better yet, go out and buy some Zenerx, which is a male enhancement herbal remedy. Will it make your penis bigger? No, but it will make it harder, and that’s the important thing.”

One of his patients, Dave, who says he is an “average middle-class guy in his thirties” seems to bear this out. “I’ve always been told by women that I’m a good lover,” he said. “But guys just give other guys a hard time and you start to wonder: Am I big enough?”

“I’ve yet to meet a man who wants his penis enlarged because he thinks it will please his partner,” added Danoff. “They want to be able to look in the mirror and see a bigger penis.”

“And I’ve yet to come across a woman who’s complained that she wants to make her man’s penis longer or thicker. She may ask whether it could be firmer (I suggest buying Zenerx) and we have numerous techniques to help with that. But what a woman really wants to know is whether it could be attached to a more loving guy.”